Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Posting before Friday...We're getting better! 

Maybe not that much better since I just realized we should really be adding a title to our blog posts!  :)

Hope you all had a great weekend and first half of the week.  We do have some great news for each store and while I'm typing that out I'll try to think of "something [else] (good) to know about us"!

let's be pets news (
We've decided enough with the dogs, let's celebrate some cats!  Just kidding - we still love our puppy dogs.  But we do love and want to celebrate cats too and have kicked off Cat Week at let's be pets!  It is kind of like Shark Week except very different and with cuter, fluffier animals.  Please come visit!  

the essentials inside news (
At the essentials inside, we have a section called "rooms worth a view."   We are growing the section now and have some fantastic rooms in store!   Stop by to see our newest additions: a lovely dining room by Interior Decorator Kimberly Fletcher of Spectrum Design Group and a beautiful living room from homeowner Laviza Shariff.

something [else] to know about us:
To save you from scrolling through, so far we've told you...we love Tony Robbins, Ed (my other business half) is writing me a movie (and I'd like a tv show too) and Ed LOVES cats but is allergic to them.   (I guess that's really more about him (Ed) than us but that's what happens when he lets me write the blog. :))  For today, "something else to know about us" issssssssss...I'm trying to think of something good......we both like the cancelled tv series Arrested Development.  I'm not sure what that says about us or whether it is something "good" but it is something!

Any other Arrested Development fans out there? 

Thanks for visiting us.   Have a great rest of the night.

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