Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hello and Happy Wednesday August 14th!  For what I will now term our "usual", we'd like to share news from both stores ( and and give you "something [else] to know about us."

let's be pets news (
We extended Beagle Week until Friday, August 17th.  Come visit

In addition, we'd like to join in with our pet blogger friends and offer our own "Wordless Wednesday" pic:

Not sure this counts since we actually have words.  :)

the essentials inside news (
We are working on inventory at the moment.  Not at this exact moment of course since we are updating the blog (but maybe at the moment you are reading this).  :) As we do this, we are sharing some favorites on our facebook and pinterest pages.  Hope you can join us there too.

something [else] to know about us:
Since I am updating the blog today, I will tell you something else to know about Ed (ha!).  He is allergic to cats but loves them so much that he doesn't care.   He just took his allergy medicine before our trips to the Delaware Humane Association and was happy to sit in their cat room (sneezy, but happy).   Winston is his favorite & is actually for adoption at DHA.  Here is Winston:


See you next time!  Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday! 

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