Thursday, July 26, 2012

Good afternoon everyone and Happy Thursday!  We'd like to share news from both stores ( and  We're also trying to decide on what to "feature" on our blog and thought today we'd start with "something to know about us."

let's be pets news (
As you know, we joined paws with Jasmine the world famous "shopping dog" (and her human C.J.) for a fantastic thank you giveaway raffle for Jasmine's current and future fans!! If you missed it, you can see Jasmine and her friends here.

We are thrilled to announce that the winner of the  giveaway is Carma Poodale Allen!! (Yes, "poodale" is spelled correctly).  Please check out our announcement at  Click on the main photo to learn more about our winner!

the essentials inside news (
At the essentials inside, we have a section called "rooms worth a view."   We are growing the section now and have some fantastic rooms in store!   Stop by to see our newest addition: the templeton bedroom.

something to know about us:
We love to listen to Tony Robbins.  I don't know if you like him, but we love him. He is incredibly motivating and inspiring.  Listening to him helps keep this start-up journey wonderful and fun!

We want to see him in person but haven't yet.  I (Lyvonne) am super excited to have met @lynneknowlton on twitter.  She went to a Tony Robbins event last week.  I can't wait until she blogs about it at!  She hasn't yet but I'll keep checking!

Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday!

the essentials inside
let's be pets!
by essentials enterprise, llc

Friday, July 20, 2012

Our thoughts and prayers are with those in Aurora, Colorado.

-Lyvonne, Ed, and
the essentials enterprise team

Monday, July 16, 2012

Happy Monday everyone!   As you can obviously tell, we are just getting started and, like most new bloggers, have a lot to learn.  Since the best way to learn is by doing, we're just going to jump right in (2 months after creating the blog.  :-))

If you've looked at our profile, you know that we are two great friends who have been lucky enough to create two wonderful stores where we get to share some of our favorite things with the rest of the world!  You can see our favorite things here: (exquisite home accessories) and here: (cool pet and owner supplies).

Today we've got exciting news at let's be pets!  Take a look: (be sure to click on the picture for more information).

Thank you for joining us at the beginning of this journey!  We'd love to hear any tips you may have for new bloggers or any questions you may have for us.

See you tomorrow!

the essentials inside &
let's be pets!
by essentials enterprise, llc